How it Works

Need to generate funds for your business, band, school or favorite charity? If so, we are here to help. With our new print on demand storefront, we can offer you a turn key e-commerce system to promote your organization and raise money with absolutely zero upfront costs.

First, we need to work with you to develop your t-shirt design. You are welcome to supply the art or we can create something unique for you with a little direction.  We do this every day so don’t be concerned if you have never ordered t-shirts before, we will walk you through it.

Once we have decided on the art we will upload the product images to this website along with a little bit of information about you and your efforts. We will then provide you with a direct link to share with your fans, friends, co-workers & loyal customers.

As the orders start to roll in, we will print each shirt to order and ship it out almost immediately.  No need to worry about pre-sales, inventory or order minimums.

Then comes the good part! We will send you a check or paypal deposit for your profits minus our costs on a monthly basis. On average this will be around $10 per t-shirt sold. You will also received a detailed receipt of your total sales. 

If this sounds like a plan that will work well for you or your organization just click the link below  and we can start working on your new t-shirt designs right away.

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